Business Consultant

40 hours




Start:                                  As soon as possible.

Duration:                          1 year, with the possibility of being directly hired by the company.

Location:                           Amsterdam, as well as on location at clients throughout The Netherlands.

Fulltime:                            40 hours per week.


TOSS provides more than just payroll. TOSS renders (international) payroll umbrella services, expats visa application assistance, employer administration support, and international recruitment services and consultancy.

Job description

Companies have often purchased software packages for different business disciplines, people, resources, material, finance, logistics, etcetera. All intended to provide insight into the information about the deployment of people, resources, materials and costs in order to make the right choices and decisions. This often creates an “overload” of applications, which means that people lose the overview of information. Which heralds the introduction of ERP software packages to restore this overview and accessibility. Sometimes that works, although with the best intentions, we often see it failing unfortunately. Our Business Consultants “make a strong effort” together with the customer, to get real order in the often-fragmented information. For our Business Consultants, “achieving optimization” herein means offering a concrete and workable “toolkit” for the employees of our customers, so that they will actually work with it.

We work with the ERP system Profit which allows information within the domains of Human Resources, Finance, Logistics and Sales to be made visible and accessible. Our practice and experience taught us that information made available with Profit provides solid input for strategic decisions in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM)/Payroll, Finance and Customer Relation Management (CRM: relationship management, client management, etc). Of course, this depends on which part is being set up.

Business Consultants can work on location as well as at the office. We often see that when we ask questions and dig into the requirements of the customer, we are on location with the customer for a few days. Developing the specific application then takes place at the office, testing on location at the customer and further building/developing at our office again. The moment the built application (or part of the application) goes “Live”, you are alternating between working on the customer’s premises and at the TOSS office.

What to expect?


Together with the client, you map out their business processes and information needs. You are able to translate the requirements and needs of the client into concrete proposals for organising the information in various parts of the organisation. For this purpose, you are aware of the latest functionalities within Profit;


Optimisation then means looking at the existing software infrastructure and assessing it for usability. It is also mapped out which “add-ons” need to be developed to correctly disclose information… in collaboration with Profit;


Implementation means that the Business Consultant will set up and install Profit and all its ERP functionalities (HRM/Payroll and/or Financial/ERP). Implementation and optimisation, and above all, mean advising employees at customers about the use and possibilities of Profit. Only when they understand and really work with Profit, an implementation and optimisation is successful;


Aftercare during an implementation and optimisation is also part of the work. A few weeks after delivery, an evaluation takes place, in which it is checked whether what has been delivered, works well or whether small improvements can still be made;


Especially when introducing Profit, it is important that you technically master all the “ins and outs” of Profit, so that you can communicate its workings properly to (the employees of) the customer. Likewise, knowing and understanding the business of our clients is important because you then could arrange which information they definitely want to see as output;


Making work processes run better and more smoothly requires insight into those processes, but also an awareness of what can be improved. This means that as a Business Consultant you must have experienced a change of process at some point, because only then can you determine the information needs that Profit has to deliver;


Because of your primary responsibility for setting up Profit at the client, it is of course very important that you stay informed of the latest developments of ERP systems and their application. Only in this way you could advise clients about the latest functionalities.

Qualifications, you need to have


Master or Bachelor degree in Business Economics, or other relevant equivalent of education and work-experience;


Experience with ERP system management;


Being passionate in what you do, accurate and eager to learn, are key-competencies of your personality;


Stress resistant, flexible, able to handle tight deadlines, well organised;


Someone who is easy to work with and has great communicative and consultancy skills;


Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English and already proficient in Dutch will be important assets;


In the possession of driver’s licence B;


Someone who fits our core values:

  • Enthusiastic: We are driven/passionate in what we do, this reflects in our energetic and powerful approach, for ourselves and our relations.
  • Reliable: Not only we meet our agreements, we handle sensitive information discretely and confidentially as well.
  • Involved: We are supportive and can rely on each other, which translates to a strong base. Not only within our team, we are customer-oriented as well.
  • Flexible: We are approachable, think in solutions and are open for change and new possibilities.


We ask you to send your most recent CV and accompanying (cover) letter to For more information about the position, you can call us on: +31 20 261 9447 (Alessio Bigliazzi Oliveri)

External acquisition is not appreciated for this vacancy.

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