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The One Stop Shop for Expat Services

Global hiring, working and living in Europe.

We assist in hiring professionals from all around the world and guide them through the whole process of living and working in Europe.

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Profile matching

We find the right match between companies and expats

With our Profile Matching service, we match highly skilled professionals with employers across the world. We ensure a perfect match by not only looking at the hard skills wanted and needed, but also really weighing in the soft skills.   

Our Profile Matching service is backed up by our extensive global network. This network allows us to fill in the gaps in teams with top tier employees from all around the world, ensuring a diverse and skilled approach to achieving any employer’s project goals.  

Hasslefree hiring

Hire global talent without complex administration

Through our Hasslefree Hiring service, employers can hire highly skilled professionals from anywhere in the world, as we handle the process of paying highly skilled migrants or and those who are located in different countries.  

We make the hiring process hasslefree by taking over all employment-related administration such as salary administration, complying with local laws and regulations, converting currency, and handling taxes and other deductions specific to each country. Through this service, employers can hire employees from anywhere in the world and expats can work for any employer. 

TOSS Coach

We coach and assist expats in emigrating and settling in the country

As The One Stop Shop, our help goes beyond matching employers to professionals and providing hasslefree hiring on a global scale. With our TOSS coaches, we provide comprehensive support to highly skilled migrants locally, guiding them through every step of moving, working, and settling in a new country.  

Our TOSS Coaches are there for every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition for those living and working in a foreign country. Our services may include things like housing, furniture rental, tax preparation, immigration support, cultural orientation and partner support, all things to ensure that global working is an ease with TOSS.  

About TOSS Group

We are The One Stop Shop for expat services in Europe.

The story of TOSS started in Holland (still the HQ of TOSS-group).

Literally sitting on a bucket overthinking what the future for international payroll is going to be like. The plan was setting up a company that fully services both the companies and the expats. 

Basically the idea for a one-stop-shop solution for international payrolling, expat services and housing solutions was born.


David Marx and Pim Bouwmeester crossed paths professionally before and realized that they shared the same idea. So together they reviewed the current offerings for companies and expats and discovered that there is a strong need for total solutions in this regard: from providing payroll and EOR services, to assisting expats with moving and settling and being able to consult.

A new eria of expansion

The team of TOSS has over 20 years of experience in the field of global hiring, working and living in EU.This wealth of knowledge and experience is not been unnoticed in other countries. Toss was therefore contacted several times by companies and expat operating in other EU countries asking if they could offer the same excellent service outside the Netherlands.

And so the plan was born to make TOSS an international group.

In 2023 activities in Belgium were started and in 2024 Toss became operational in Portugal. But this is only the beginning.

Our goal is to be the relevance in terms of a foreign employee, employer or Expat services within 5 years.  Full administrative relief for both companies and expats: not only the contractual part but traveling to the EU, adapting to the cultural differences, learning the language, finding a place to stay, learning the language, ect.


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